Presets - Lightroom and Photoshop

Kick start your creativity with this large, versatile and flexible collection of presets for Landscapes, Portraits, Street photos, Instagram Style, Wedding, film style Black and White and more.
Special addition included: Workflow oriented presets that will save you a lot of time…



PSKiss presets package is not just about auto looks. It will give you a good kick start with full look recipes and then you will be able to fine tune the look with “Additionals” pin pointed presets.

Use our presets to do this:

  1. Create your initial look – use one of the vast collection of creative presets.
  2. Fine tune the look – use “Additionals” to change only specific values to create the perfect image.
  3. Light it – use “Lighting” presets to add light effects (fitted to wide or tall photos).
  4. Frame it – use “Frames” presets to add special frames to your image.
Street Looks
Street 70's
Retro Looks
Retro 1
Instagram Style
Street Looks
Street 50's
B&W - Wide Range Grayscales
HC-Soft Dark
Wedding Looks
Cinema Paradiso
Portrait Looks
Ice Beauty
Lighting + Frame
Spotlight + Frame
Portrait Looks
Movie Star 02
Spotlight Top Left
Creative Black and White
HC 70s Fashion + Open Shadows
Instagram Style
Portrait Looks
Cinema Magazine + Cooling Blue

Presets package contains:

Quick Savers  – Fix back light, over exposure, under exposure, red led damages (requiers PSKiss Profiles).

Total Looks – Fashion, Indoor, Landscape, Night Looks, Portrait, Street, Wedding.

Special Vintage and Xtra Effects – Retro Looks, Cross Processing, Glow Style, Instagram Style, Xtra FX.

Black and White Film Style Lab – Creative, Wide Range, Soalrization Lab, Traditional Toning.

Workflow Presets – Color, Exposure, Light, Contrast, Noise, Grain, Sharpen, Clarity, Dehaze, Special Toning, Upright.

Special Lighting FX – Gradients, LightWash and Spotlights – fitted for wide or tall photos.

Specail Frames – Vintage, Vignetts, Hallmark style.

  • Presets work with Lightroom 4 and higher and Photoshop CS4 and higher
  • Best results when combined with PSKiss Profiles. See special bundle offer.
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Presets Installation Guide:

5 good reasons to use PSKiss products:

  1. Create surprising appearances of your photos
  2. Expand your creativity
  3. Exercise alternative color options and looks
  4. Fix damages such as red led, under exposure, over exposure quickly
  5. 30 days Money Back Guarantee (see bellow)

If for any reason, you this product useless for you, please contact us within 30 days from purchase and we will  fully refund.

If you can’t find the Profiles folder inside Profile Browser, please check:

  1. Make sure you use a Raw file.
  2. Make sure his file was taken with the camera brand you purchased for.
  3. If both apply, contact us.

Please note that color profiles apply color schemes only. There may be some visible differences from original file. These can be fixed by tweaking  White Balance and other Develop parameters.