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Transform any camera color to any other*.

Camera makers invest quite a lot of effort to produce pleasing colors for their cameras. For instance, when you buy a Nikon camera you receive a number of color “schemes” (or color profiles). Each color profile is a result of their in interpretation for how color should appear. With PSKiss Color Profiles, you can apply other camera brand “look” to your RAW images, whether they use a Canon, Nikon, Sony or any other brand.

It doesn’t matter which camera you use, PSKiss profiles provide Nikon, Canon, Sony or Leica colors right inside Lightroom and Photoshop (via Adobe Camera Raw). For example, one can use Canon EOS 7D with Leica M8 color profile to produce Leica M8 color look or Nikon D7000 and produce the look of Canon EOS 1Dx Mk 2.
Choose your camera brand now and take your photos to the next level:




PSKiss develop profiles contain Alternative camera based color profiles, Artistic color profiles and Fixing profiles , which totally alter the default color scheme generated by Lightroom and Photoshop. These profiles are the only way to make these programs render different colors from the Raw data, prior to any user manipulation.

Use these profiles to do this:

  1. Select alternative camera colors – most camera manufacturers supply basic color profiles which are installed automatically by Lightroom or Photoshop. Quite often they do not take full advantage of your camera’s capabilities. Using PSKiss profiles allows you to choose other camera colors which will bring up colors you thought never existed…
  2. Go Creative – In addition to camera colors, our profile package contains a variety of creative profiles which apply creative adjustments before you ever needed to do anything…
  3. Fix it – Our profile package contains a number of “fixers” which will help you fix some of the most annoying issues, such as: red led flood, under exposure, over exposure, skin tone too dark, skin tone too bright and more…


Note – profiles are applied prior to any changes. They create the foundations of your editing process.

Once you start right – you can’t go wrong!

Artistic Profile
PSKiss Velvia Touch
Alternative Profile
Sony A7 Mark 2 Deep
Fixing Profile
PSKiss Cool BrightUp
Artistic Profile
PSKiss Vintage 1
Fixing Profile
PSKiss Dark Skin 2
Alternative Profile
Leica M8
Artistic Profile
PSKiss Man's World
Alternative Profile
Nikon D3 Portrait
Fixing Profile
PSKiss Tanned Bride
Artistic Profile
PSKiss Powered Skin and Lips
Alternative Profile
Canon EOS 1D-X Mark 2 Portrait
Artistic Profile
PSKiss Positive Film

Profile package contains:

Alternative Profiles  – Canon EOS 1Ds Mark 3, Canon EOS 1Dx Mark 2, Leica M8, Nikon D2X, Nikon D3, Nikon D5, Pentax K200D, Sony A7R Mark 2.

Artistic Profiles – Portraits – Dark Skin 1, Dark Skin 2, Man’s World, Powered Skin & Lips.

Artistic Profiles – Landscape – Velvia Touch, Vivid Landscape Mode 1, Vivid Landscape Mode 2.

Artistic Profiles – General – Positive Film, Powered Blue, Powered Green, Powered Red, Vintage 1, Vintage 2.

Fixing Profiles – Cool BrightUp, Lights On, Vintage 2, Darker Skin Tone, Lighter Skin Tone, Tanned Bride.

  • Profiles work with Camera Raw files ONLY
  • Profiles work with Lightroom 3 and higher and Photoshop CS3 and higher
  • IMPORTANT – No support for Canon R5 and R6.
  1. Some noise might be visible when using PSKiss marked profiles (non-camera named)
  2. Canon R5, R6 and Nikon Z6 mark 2 and Nikon Z7 mark 2 – color schemes are applied correctly, but Saturation is decreased. 40-50 boost of Saturation (and maybe Vibrance as well) will be needed.
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Profiles Installation Guide:

Additional information

Camera Brand

Your Camera Is:, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Leica, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh

5 good reasons to use PSKiss products:

  1. Create surprising appearances of your photos
  2. Expand your creativity
  3. Exercise alternative color options and looks
  4. Fix damages such as red led, under exposure, over exposure quickly
  5. 30 days Money Back Guarantee (see bellow)

If for any reason, you this product useless for you, please contact us within 30 days from purchase and we will  fully refund.

If you can’t find the Profiles folder inside Profile Browser, please check:

  1. Make sure you use a Raw file.
  2. Make sure his file was taken with the camera brand you purchased for.
  3. If both apply, contact us.

Please note that color profiles apply color schemes only. There may be some visible differences from original file. These can be fixed by tweaking  White Balance and other Develop parameters.